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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Hello! Well, look at me missing another upload on Wednesday. I'm sorry. I'm genuinely am. I am not going to spend years making silly excuses as I do understand that every blogger has real life problems, which get in the way every now and then, so you always need to have a few "just in case I'm busy" posts, but I kinda suck at them. Anyway, today I decided to have a good old ramble aka life update numero uno. I had never ever done such post before on my blog, so let me know if you'd like to see more of these here!

Exams. One word, thousand feelings, right lol? This year has been and still is some sort of hell for me. First of all, slow down a second, am I actually graduating and this isn't a dream? To be honest, I can't wait to finish school, at the same time, I don't have such a huge urge to enter university.  Isn't it crazy how we have to make such crucial decision at such early age?  I'm 16, well 17 in two weeks, but technically it doesn't change anything. I even hesitate with pizza toppings, let alone something more serious. Second of all, oh my God, I want exams to be over.  I want summer. I want a care-free life again, at least for three months. What breaks my heart even more is the fact that I'm not able to blog to its fullest because I'm either doing school homework, revising or sleeping. On some days, my level of exhaustion gets to the point where I spend all day in bed lying there like a dead vegetable (vegetables can't be dead, so I even suck now at making jokes, urgh). I keep telling myself, 'Organize your time rationally and everything will be okay'. Yet there should be more hours in a day for me to finish my to-do list and be happy with myself.

In addition, my anxiety has been through the roof lately. Most of the time I wish I could become invisible or hide in a box on the bottom of the ocean and just not care about things that are going on outside.

On a brighter note, in the beginning of March, my mom and I went on a mother&daughter date to the cinema. We decided to watch a film based on the novel 'The Price Of Salt' by Patricia Highsmith called 'Carol'. It's a romantic drama, which tells a story of love between two women that are going through a hard period of their lives. From my own film watching experience, it was the first big screen thing involving non-traditional(what an ugly word to describe this) sexuality. BRING OUT MORE OF THIS, GODDAMIT. The typical bad boy and good girl love stories are getting more and more stupid, don't you agree? Besides that, film industry plays a big role in forming public opinion, so, in my opinion, creating more motion pictures like this one is very important. This will surely help to get rid of such labels like gay, straight, lesbian, etc, etc. People just fall in love, okay? Anyway, let's leave this topic for another post.

Now, I did enjoy the film. I enjoy the way it showed that lesbians aren't simply sexual creatures without feelings as it's actually considered in the world of men domination. Basically, it's a beautiful story. Wish there was more action, though. However, I was left disgust, confused and upset with only one thing that caused me an enormous facepalm as well as cringe attack. The audience. The stupidity of people who came to watch this film shocked me. As soon as sex scene appeared in front of their eyes, they started laughing, screaming, shouting different phrases, that made zero sense, and, of course, clapping their hands (should better clap themselves in their faces). Why? I struggle to find any good explanation and, to be honest, don't even want to. What's more, most of these people were young females age 20-27.

Another film I've recently seen was Zootopia. You know what? STOP DOING WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING, GO AND WATCH IT.  Holy macaroni, it's just fantastic, wonderful, marvelous and all good adjectives that exist. Disney yet again slayed. Hand down, my favourite Disney film now. Such a cute story with actually quite high moral. And also you might find yourself developing a crush on a fox or a rabbit, but that's alright pal.

This post turning into the longest one that ever appeared on my blog. Before I do yet another grammar or punctuation mistake, I'd better leave. By the way, I'd love to say a huge thank you to Ellen for mentioning in one of her posts Grammarly, an online grammar checker. It's so quick and easy!

Okay, I promise it's the last paragraph. There's 3 for 2 offer on everything in my local drugstore, so yay for me treating myself to some makeup goodies! Hope you're having a lovely weekend x

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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