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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nude lips is hands down the best trend I have ever given in to.  It's hard to believe that I used to slightly dislike this shade of lipsticks and avoided it as much as possible. Craziness! Actually, I think every other girl is now a nude lipstick addict, aren't I right?

Maybe the hidden reason why everyone loves nudes is because they can effortlessly make you both look and feel like a million dollar bill in a matter of seconds. Besides that, such neutral colours go well with any type of eye makeup. Oh, and what about the variety of nude shades presented on the market by every brand possible? It's almost impossible not to find the one that will steal your little heart, LOLZ.

If you checked out my previous post, you would already know I'm working on increasing the number of pinks in my collection. However, when it comes to nude lippies, I'm all about brown undertones. My top three picks for such option are:

The main thing. THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY SIMILAR. Oh my, God, it's getting out of hand, isn't it? But on the bright side, look at those amazing Velvet Teddy dupes! Cheap as chips comparing to one of the popular MAC lipsticks and work just as good.

All three products have a matte finish(my another biggest weakness). I always pop a bit of a lip balm before starting doing makeup, so I never face the problem of lipstick drying out my lips. Although I have to say Velvet Teddy lets me down here every now and then. If you are looking for safer option with this, I'd recommend trying out Nude Perfection by Maybelline. The Intense Velvet lip pencils have surprisingly creamy texture. Thus, you don't really need to care about moisturizing your lips before putting the product on.

To be honest, since February most of the days I've been only reaching out for Rimmel lip pencil in the shade Tiramisu. I reviewed the 1000 Kisses lip pencils two weeks ago, so I'll skip the rambling and simply leave you a link if you fancy reading more about them.

So, now it's your time! Do you guys love nude lipsticks? What are the ones you use the most? I'd love to know :) x

Hope you are having a lovely day!

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  1. I used to be a pink lip kinda girl, but now I prefer nude shades as well! I love Velvet Teddy and Viva Glam II, which is a more pink toned nude shade :)

    Franzi. x // []

    1. Viva Glam II is also a gorgeous lipstick! I was doubting what to buy first Taupe, Velvet Teddy or Viva Glam II, but in the end went for Velvet Teddy x

  2. If you want a pinky nude I would recommend MAC's Brave and also Rimmel London Kate Moss in 45. :) I love velvet teddy and these are great dupes for it!


    1. I'll have a look at Rimmel 45 first as I still have sort love/hate relationship with pink/pink toned lipsticks. Thank you for the recommendation! :)

  3. I used to hate nude lips and didn't really understand the point of it (I know right?) but then I started wearing foundation and found it hard not to get foundation lips and then realized I started needing the nude lips in my life! I've just given into the hype of Velvet Teddy and although it may be typical it's still totally gorge! xx

    1. In fact, my first nude "lipstick" was a foundation, lol :D
      I have one which is slightly dark for me, so I used to put a bit of product on my lips and then add lip balm just for it to look more natural. Old glorious days :D haha x