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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Finally, this has happened. My skin had been waiting for me to built a decent care routine for, well, quite a while, to say at least!  Frankly speaking, I used to underestimate skin care products and wouldn't pay much attention to what I use. Over the last few months, I managed to collect a couple of goodies that perform a miracle at making my skin healthy and radiant and I'm excited to share them with you.

To start off, I have to take a moment and appreciate this duo, which was made in heaven.  Yes, yes and one more time yes, these words are about you, dear Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Daily Energizer Cream. They are indeed the best skin care products I have ever tried.

The cleanser is very gentle but effective. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, hydrated and smooth. Usually using any another regular face gel would make my face dry, even slightly irritated. Then I would always have to quickly squeeze out a huge amount of moisturizer and immediately apply it just to somehow fix this situation. Now I know it is not the way your cleanser is supposed to work!

Daily Energizer Cream literally boosts energy of your skin, there's nothing else I can tell. Besides that, it has glycerin on the ingredient list, which pretty much means it is an excellent makeup base too. 

As for toner I use L'Occitane Hydra Vital Face Mist. That's the first product I purchased from this brand and I was no near left disappointed! I love the fact that it is a spritz toner, so there's no need to mess with cotton pads. Am I the only one who kinda hates them? Anyway, this face mist is a great refresher that instantly hydrates your skin. Also, you can easily throw it in your purse and spray some product on your skin whenever it needs to take a short break from a busy city life.

Moving on to the makeup remover. Although I developed an allergy to Garnier micellar water after using it for several months in a previous year, I thought I would give it a second chance. Yet this time, I picked up one from L'Oreal. Well, safe to say, second chances sometimes are worth giving. It nicely removes eye as well as face makeup without any difficulties. Now that I have found a good product I actually enjoy the process of taking off makeup.

Thanks to such combo of products the good skin days outweigh the number of bad skin ones. Obviously, my skin hasn't become perfect by the miracle, but it did get better. I don't break out that much, the amount of oil on my face have reduced, and thank God I can't remember the last time I had a pimple! My skin used to be very oily on the forehead with spots there and then dry everywhere else (face-wise). I tried using different exfoliators, masks that somehow had to help me to get rid of spots in just three days... It doesn't work at all. I have understood one thing: always make sure your skin is hydrated and is not over-exfoliated.

Phew, that was a long post to write. Let me know about your current favourite skin care products. Or maybe there are a few on your wishlist? I'd love to read your answers!

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4 коментарі

  1. I have recently started using Clarins products, have been loving them, really made a difference to my skin!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! :)


    1. Clarins products are amazing! I definitely need to try out more of them.

  2. I love this skincare routine. I have the l'oreal cleanser that looks like the same bottle and it's amazing! I like how you've only used a few but great products as well. I've been meaning to get a skincare routine and you've made me want to even more haha, lovely post :)

    Angie xx

    1. It's always quality over quantity for me. Although frankly speaking I'm just too lazy to use many products :D
      Glad you enjoyed my post x