Turn Every Morning Into A Good One

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Early mornings definitely isn't the best thing in the whole world. On one hand, you get enough time to do many different activities, but the struggle of getting out of bed at 7am or even earlier sometimes outweighs all the positive effects, am I right? I am NOT a morning person (that chick is like ruder version of me), yet I managed to find ways to make this process a lot more bearable.

The number first thing that I did was changing the alarm to less annoying, crazily beeping ringtone. Might agree with me or not, everything evil in the mornings comes from that irritating sound. Instead choose rather calmer melody, but bear in mind it still has to be able to wake you up. By the way, the worst torture you can create for yourself is setting multiple alarms like 6.50, 6.55, 7.00, 7.05, etc. You will need to give anyway, so what is the point? It equals to losing, for example, about 15 minutes of sleep and putting your body into slightly stressful situation.
Nah, don't worry, it's not the right time yet, I'm just preparing and teasing you.

Always begin the day with only good going on on your mind. Think how lovely that day will be and it 100% will turn out to be a great one. I am not really superstitious, but I do believe in this. Everything depends on how you are going to set your mind. As well as that don't forget to smile, even to yourself at the mirror or laugh how ridiculous your hair is looking; mine's always does. I guarantee this is going to help you not to be all that grumpy. In my opinion, the energy you start your day with can have a great impact on your mood in general. Speaking about mood, turn on the music which makes you happy. Almost every December morning I have been listening to Christmas songs and they never fail at brightening it up.

Breakfast is literally the most important meal for me. Okay, food may be not that crucial and blahblahblah, yet whenever I know I'm having something healthy and tasty in a couple of minutes, that brings way more excitement to my morning routine! Right now muesli with berries and nuts is my favourite choice.

I have also noticed it is better to become best friends with time planning. I mean, I call morning a good one if there isn't any sort of stress and everything goes smoothly. I always make sure I have about one hour+ to get ready. In this case I will have enough time to take loooong shower, do my makeup without hurrying myself up.

Those are my golden rules of having actually nice mornings. Do you have any tips? I would love to hear them! :) x

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  1. These are really good tips! I always used to set multiple alarms, but Im going to try setting one from now on! I need to be more of a morning person! Lovely post!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you for such lovely feedback! I'm glad to hear you found my tips helpful :) x