Top 5 Places On My Travel Bucket List

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I tend not to talk about this a lot here, but one of my other biggest hobbies, except for lusting after beautiful makeup bits and bobs, is travelling. To be honest, I envy other people who have possibilities of going from places to places like free birds. You know that quote that says 'If travelling was free, you'd never see me again'? I can totally relate to it.

I'm very grateful that my parents did and still continuing to do everything to give me a chance to explore and see the most of our beautiful world. Together, we have been to many wonderful places and enjoyed even much more incredible breathtaking views. I think once you completed the first trip you've ever had, it will be quite a challenge to give up travelling. Moreover, it becomes a drug, of course, in the most positive way.

With each year, my travel list somehow only gets longer and longer. Reading similar posts, watching travel TV shows, flicking through Tumblr or Instagram always inspires me to add more places on the list! Here are my current top 5 destinations I'd give everything to go:

#1 New Zealand (after I set foot in the country I'll be like, 'Cheers guys, my life is now completed')
#2 Tokio, Japan
#3 Melbourne, Australia
#4 Canary Islands
#5 Palma De Mallorca

What about you? How do you feel about travelling? Are there any places you'd absolutely love to go to?

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6 коментарі

  1. I have been to New Zealand. I studied in Wellington for a year and travelled around the islands. Such a beautiful country. Loved it so much! Wish I could go back. It would definitely recommend it. So much that I actually have been writing about it ahah. Japan is also on my list but I guess it will be for later. xx

    1. Ahhh, that sound amazing! Makes me want to visit New Zealand even more :)

  2. I absolutely love travelling as well. There is some kind of magic when I get to explore new places and eat local food. I also love food if you didn't pick that up haha :D
    I haven't gone to many places but I adore Egypt and England, especially London. They are so different in many ways and that's what I love about them. In my opinion all places are very different but at the same time so similar as well. My number one place to travel right now is Greece and hopefully I go there with my mom this or maybe next year. Anyway I already can't wait to go there and explore this amazing island. :)
    Greete x

    1. Yes, travelling is definitely some sort of magic, haha :)
      I have never been to either Egypt and England. It'd be great to go to these countries too!
      Hope you dream will come true and you'll visit Greece very soon X

  3. I love everything about travelling! I've been fortunate enough to tick of a few of the places on my travel bucket list and can't wait to visit more! Ideally I'd love to be able to visit every single country at least once in my lifetime.

    1. That's a cool life goal! I'd absolutely love to give up daily routine and travel around the world one day.