Looking More Awake With A Little Help Of Makeup

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There are the nights when both my eyes and my minds simply won't allow me to have a trip - a so much needed one - in the kingdom of Morpheus. Maybe missing a sleep doesn't sound that horrific, however, the morning may actually turn into a huge nightmare. Especially, if the following day requires you to look decent. Ever been in such situation?

I somehow managed to mess up my sleeping schedule (summer nights and all that jazz), which at the end made me learn a few tricks on how to look awake even when I'm way too far from feeling so and when bags under my eyes are (Gucci) big enough to store there my necessities.  "Fake it till you make it", they say. And that's exactly what I follow. Thanks to makeup and a couple of other beauty bits, of course.

First thing first, skin. If eyes are mirror of the soul, then skin is a reflector of what you have been doing in day- and nighttime. A sleepless night equals dehydrated skin, which equals it looking all dull, grey and lifeless. Therefore, a good moisturizer and a hydrating foundation are the ones to up your game. I usually whether mix any of my foundations with The Body Shop All-in-one BB cream or use it on its own because not only it moisturizes my skin but also gives a bit of healthy glow.

Next, camouflaging those dark circles. What would we do without concealers? I literally have no idea. My trusty NYX HD one saved me lots of times. Just make sure the concealer is one-two shades lighter than the foundation. Additionally, you can always give the red lipstick concealing trick a go. I'm going to be honest: it did feel super weird to put red lippy on my dark circles, but this beauty hack performed quite well on me.

I could not forget to mention a good ol' nude eye pencil. Applying it on the waterline will make the eyes look a lot more awake. Personally, I prefer not putting any products on my waterline as I am a proud contact lens wearer (blind as bat club, yay). Therefore I simply highlight the inner corner of my eyes with semi-shimmery white eyeshadow and I'm good to go.

Speaking of eye makeup, avoid any grey and cold toned eyeshadows. They will only bring out how tired you are, so you will fail at faking the whole I'm Wide Awake look you are trying to achieve.

Lastly, I would recommend adding a pop of colour, for example pink, on the cheeks as well as on the lips. A nice natural-looking blush does a great job at making one look lively, aren't I right?

Do you have other tips&tricks on how to look awake even if you are super tired? 

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2 коментарі

  1. Very good tips on how to look more awake with the help of make up!
    I always try to buy the lightest concealer I can when I am shopping for make up!


    1. Thank you a milliom :)
      I do exactly the same whilst shopping for undereye concealer - go for the lightest shade that still matches my skin tone!