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Monday, December 08, 2014

Hi hi hi!

What could be better than spend cold evening with cup of tea|coffee|hot chocolate watching YouTube?
Do there exist teenagers who don't watch YouTubers? Are they actually from our planet?
I decided to share with you some of my favourite YouTubers. Also don't forget to leave in the comments your favs!

Marcus Butler 

Seriously, I'm proud of Marky Butt Butt. I love his honesty and openness. To my mind, that are the most important features which attract me in bloggersThere are almost no advertising on his channel.

Marcus's videos are hilarious, funny and interesting as his personality is. His videos always put smile on my face and cheer me up. I also like that you'll find in comments only friendly, nice people but not negative and angry.

My favourite videos:
Types of people

Gabriella Lindley 

This girl is fab. Usually I cry laughing over her videos and take a lot of great beauty tips as Gabby is a beauty blogger. I also noticed we have few similar traits and habits which makes me even more to watch her videos.

Gab is very hard working. I mean, she posts every two or three days on her main channel and few videos per week on her vlogging channel. Madness! You can always see how much Gabriella puts her heart and creativity into them.

Gabby makes amazing beauty themes videos. Sometimes I watch them with my mouth wide open because she is gorgeous and can do different incredible stuff with makeup.

My favourite videos:
Literally love everything on Gabriella ♡ and Gabriella Lindley


She is simply a queen. Zoe Sugg is a person who motivates me to be more confident in my footsteps. Each video charges you with positivity and energy to live life. I like Zoe's laugh so much and I can listen to it for hours. Am I normal? Hope so!

I absolutely adore her vlogs. I'm so sad there are some ridiculous people who write dumb things and because of them she stopped vlogging :(

But Zoe is doing Vlogmas. Whoop whoop!

Since I do not really get along with my hair, the hair tutorials by Zoe are my most watched videos. I wish I could do such thing but I'm hopeless. My hairstyles vary between down hair and pony. Lol please tell me I'm not the only one.

My favorite video: all on Zoella and MoreZoella

Niomi Smart 

Nimbob is such a gorgeous and witty person! To be honest, she is kinda my role model. I love her style in fashion. It's so casual and classy at the same time. Niomi aslo inspires me to lead healthy lifestyle and do some sport.

Some people say she has received all her subscribers just because her boyfriend is Marbob and in general she is  miserable.

Those people need a good high five.

High five in their face.

My favourite videos:
Shoes Collections
Dressing Table Tour
Get Ready With Me | London Vlog

It's not whole list of people who I watch on YouTube but who wants to read about twenty people? Boring! 

Anyway, I'll catch up with you later xxx

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  1. Love all of these people! Especially Zoe and Gaby! I also love Sprinkleofglitter, Caspar Lee, ThatcherJoe and Dan&Phil! x