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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good day beauties!

Have I told you yet winter is my favourite time of the year to do shopping? Especially December can be a good month to spend the money for gifts for your family/friends as well as buy some goodies for yourself. HELLO how is it possible to leave stores empty-handed when you see lots of sales and offers!

So to clear the situation, yes, I have already spent ridiculous amount of money, but I kinda don’t feel very sorry for that. As I’ve tweeted recently, I A)completed my beauty-wishlist 2014 and B)bought some nice gifts for my closest people.

Whilst looking for present for my Mum in one of makeup shops I couldn’t calmly pass the Yves Saint Laurent. I mean, it’s became a big thing in beauty industry over past few years and lots of people want to buy particular makeup products from this brand.

Long story short, I really (like, really really) wanted to own one of the YSL lipsticks. Understandable the price of those is super high for such students as I am because my finances, as my Granny says, are singing romances. Maybe it sounds obtusely but in my opinion few good-quality pricey products are better than tons of cheap ones. So I decided to break the piggy bank, tighten my belt and go and buy one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is - Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color “Tangy Mandarine”.

Don’t tell me that when shopping you have never had feeling like something was made to be yours. Yeah, you can think ‘Well, I’ll go in few other shops and then return if didn’t find anything better’. However after that thing you won’t pay much attention on anything else – you just need to get “your” product. Same I had with this lippy. I’d made swatches of lots of others lipstick but none of them caught my eye and heart that much.

See, I was doubting when looked on Tangy Mandarine for the first time. God bless you, that nice shop assistant had made me to do the swatch! On the packaging colour is shown deep red, then from the first look it seems coraly orange and, finally, appears differently on the lips. It just makes my face pop. There is nothing very bright or eye-catch note about this lipstick but I absolutely love how it looks on me. It’s divine.

Should I only tell you how soft and magical Volupte Sheer Candy feels on the lips? The finish of it is incredible. It’s buttery but not sticky at the same time.

Now let’s talk about design of the packaging. Honestly, it’s a little bit heavy for the lipstick. Not super heavy but I can give The Heaviest Lipstick In My Makeup Collection Award to the Mandarine. Mine has silver colour not gold as usually. I think it still looks gorgeous! One more thing. One more weird thing. I absolutely love the sound of the lipstick being capped up. It’s better than orchestra for me :D

Does it worth the hype? Does it worth every single penny of the price? My answers are certainly yes and yes.

Share in the comments below some of your favourite lip products! I would like to read about them :)
Yana xoxo

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