Winter Skincare Routine

Friday, December 05, 2014

As seasons change as my skincare routine changes. I noticed that my skin needs different products for this cold season because only in winter it gets extremely dry and sensitive while in general my skin is normal/oily on some zones. So I have to say goodbye for the biggest amount of my skincare products and great some of them that I hardly ever use. 

Okay, let's start with moisturizing! I use only my Neosporin Eczema Essential Daily Moisturizer during winter. It is steroid and fragrance free. I enjoy using this product because of few aspects. Firstly, it has lovely light honey smell. Secondly, this moisturizer quickly sink in to the skin and you don't have to walk around for ages with sticky face(which I hate a lot!). Finally, it actually restores dry, itchy skin! Last year I had serious skin irritation / problems due to coldness and wind, but luckily I was advised to try Neosporin daily moisturizer. Since then it has become my winter skincare essential. 

Next product is also by Neosporin. It is Daily Body Wash. It can be used all over your body but I prefer using it only on my face. Again this product is fragrance and soap free.

Usually such cleansers dry my skin so I need to apply tons of moisturizers afterwards. However Neosporin Body Wash is gentle yet well removes all of the dirt as well as excess oil. It keeps my skin clear, soft and hydrated. 

Every one or two weeks I use Beauty Formulas Rejuvenating Glorious Mud Deep Cleansing Facial Mask. It works amazingly for uncloging and removing different bad stuff from the pores. Also for change I had Freeman Face Masks but unfortunately I run out of it :( 

However I think I will go to the shop to buy another Freeman Mask because they are my favourite! 

One trick with face masks from TimeWithYana. If you feel that pimple is on its way or it is alreade appeared, put a little bit of clay face mask on it and leave it like that overnight or for few hours and...pimple will disappear! Literally a life savour. 

Of course, I'll be still using Garnier Micellar Water during winter. I mean, how you cannot like something that cleanses your skin and removing makeup at the same time? Also my skin feels and looks so nice after I'd used it. Moreover, Garnier Micellar Water has absolutely became my Holy Grail Product. I don't know why I like it that much, to be honest :D 

But Garnier Micellar Water is absolutely awesome! 

Nivea Pure&Natural Cleansing Toner is an important part of my morning routine. Nice refreshing toner. Also it has amazing floral 
scent that immediately wakes me up.
I think this is it! 

For someone it'd be very small number of products, for others big. Everybody has their own choices and thoughts :) 

Let me know in the comments down below which skincare products are your essentials in winter? 

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