Goodbye 2014!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 is right on the corner!

Is that a reality? 

I remember when I was little I used to think that in 2015 Earth will have war with aliens, there won't be cars but only planes, lots of robots will help people...Yep...But, fortunately or unfortunately nothing really changed. 

2014 was such a nice year for me! What I loved the most about it? Hmm, it is hard to answer straight away if to be honest. This year was full of lots of amazing experiences.

First of all I set up my own blog and YouTube channel. As I have already said, I enjoy blogging way more so I decided to concentrate only on that. I mean, I prefer stucking to one thing and working on 99% on it rather than 50/50. Anyway, I feel so lucky to actually find my hobby! Of course, my blog is not perfect and there are lots of things that need to be changed, however in some ways I even proud of it. Like, it is my own little space in the Galaxy where I can do whatever I want and it makes me happy. Again, I send lots of hugs to everyone who reads and supports me. Sometimes for me it is crazy to imagine that this whole thing is real and I just keep pinching myself. 

2014 has given me many life lessons. It changed me, my vision of the world and people around. I learned to fence off from hate, negativity and take only the best. Well, because really who needs all that bullshit? Throw it away! It is much easier to live this way. Seriously.

Also, to be honest, I realized how lucky I am to have a real friend. Moreover, I would call her my soulmate. Despite the weather outside, she is always here for me. Yes, there are some arguments and rows between us, but they do not significantly affect our friendship. For me it is unbelievable to think, we know each other for 10 years! I feel so comfortable and open with her, that I'm not afraid to be true me in front of her. We can come up with various silly jokes,and laugh at them hour after hour. In short, I hope this friendship is forever. 

Unfortunately, I have not opened any new countries to myself but I hope to make up for it in 2015!

What else would this say? Basically, there are still many things I learned this year, like, I do not like capers, but it does not play such a large role :D

I decided to make some resolutions for 2015. But there are only five. Well, obviously, it is going to be more easy to reach my goals that way.

- Experiment and be more adventurous
- Be happy
- Travel
- Learn how to love my body
- Go out of my comfort zone more often

How was your 2014 and what do you expect from 2015? 
 I wish you all happy New Year and I hope, no, I know everything will be flawless, simply believe in yourself because I do believe in you! Add a hard work self-education here as well and, I promise you, everything will be possible.

See you in 2015 xoxo

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