Few Things That Make Me Happy

Monday, November 24, 2014

It seems like nowadays not that big amount of people feel happy.

Everybody is concentrated on their education, work and forget about value of daily things.

What was the last time you heard someone saying, "I'm so happy with my life now"?

First of all, you need to define what it means to you. For example, for me being happy means to be in harmony with world. I'm not trying to be hippy but actually it's the best feeling. People as Grace Denton, Sonya Esman inspire me to do and try things which are not typical / out of my comfort zone.

Recently I've been having bad days so I decided to sit down, grab a piece of paper, pen and write down list of things that make me happy. Here are some that came to my mind:

Listening to good music
Be around nice people
Sleep for 9 hours
Eat lots of grapefruits
Watch sunrise and sunset
Spend time with family (they are the best and I love them very much)
Making snow angels
Laugh to abdominal pain
Be around and listen to wise people
Have a person you can rely on
Do not have any problems with health
Lots of candles
If everything goes according to my plan
Moments when everything is fine at school
Dogs and puppies :3
When my close people are happy
Watch comedies or cartoons
More candles and trips
Chocolate and cookies
Sales or offers in favourite shops
Be on the beach
Fly on planes

I wanted to remind you that happiness is always around us. Sometimes we just pass it without any noting because we are overworried about things that we think are "important".
But actually they are not.
Stop overthinking.
Life is given only once so live how you want and do what bring you joy
Achieve your dreams and never stop believing
Do not be afraid to try different things that are new to you
Surround yourself with people who bring you only positive emotions
Do not waste your time on idiots
Smile more

New post coming soon xoxo
Thank you for support!

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