Three Thing I Can't Live Without: Accessories

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm a big fan of various fashion jewelry and accessories. But usually daily I wear only few rings, watch and bracelets or earrings.

Today I was tidying up my accessories goodies and inspired by this, I decided to show you one of them I literally can't live without.

#1 The Lord of the Rings

You can not imagine how excited I was when I found this set in Bershka.

OMG! I mean I have a lot of rings, but mostly of them do not match every other outfit and are smarter than casual.

The set includes six rings, ie three pairs of identical but different sizes. My mostworn and loved have became two rings which you can see on the right. They are simple yet extraordinary.

Unfortunately, some of those ring are size bigger than my fingers so I often loose them while going somewhere. I guess, I need to give them to someone :(

#2 ZARA jewels Limited Edition

Let me say that when I saw this necklase in the shop I instantly fell in love with it. Love at first sight? Yeah something like that. But then I looked on the pricetag and ... it was ridiculous. As a result, I went out of Zara empty-handed because the price was very very high.

In my heart I hoped that sale would come later and I still could buy my "lover".
And guess what? GOD BLESS SUMMER SALES. Honestly, I did not plan to go shopping that day so I had to throw out the entire content of my purse at the checkout. Until the last penny. Do I regret? No.

I wear it every other day. I like that it is quite tangled and messy, but in fact it looks very nice and original.

#3 Watch

Well, here is everything clear.

My parents gifted me this watch a few years ago and since then I almost don't put it off. I'm so used to wearing it!

Seriously, I do not understand people who do not wear watches. 

Till next time :)

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  1. This is such a cute post idea :) all of the accessories are so sweet and beautiful - i especially love the cat/paris watch xx