What I Love About Winter?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter is just on the corner! I quite do not like this season because it gets cold as hell here where I live. But I decided to remind myself few reasons why winter is cool so I won't feel that sad and disappointed.

Oh my God how I enjoy seeing everything covered in snow! Playing snowballs, jumping in snow pile... And also do you wanna build a snow man?

I'm a big fan of winter sports. My whole family have weekends when we sit down in the car, drive to the mountains and just enjoy ourselves.

I like that feeling of new things to come. It's so funny to see everyone expecting something new to happen and how people promise each other to change some things in their lifes. At the same time all of us getting older which sucks a little bit.

I mean, who does not like it? I am definitely very excited for that. Whoop whoop!

Well, to be honest that is the only thing why I want winter to come. I need a good rest from school routine. AND MY WINTER SCHOOL BREAK STARTS IN ONE WEEK!!! I'm so excited because I can fully concentrate on my blog :)

Talk to you later xoxo

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3 коментарі

  1. I just love winter! Snow, Christmas and holidays are my favorites :D I also love drinking tea and reading a good book under some cozy blanket when it's cold outside :) Plus I love to burn some candles too

    1. Oh yes! How could I forget about candles and books? Shame on me :).