Are photos the most important? | Blogging Tips Part II

Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 2 of my Blogging Tips is now here! This time I decided to talk about photos and their influence on your blog. Enjoy!

I love this saying that you have to write blog you would personally enjoy to read and would definitely be somewhere among ones you are following. When you like your blog, everyone else will like it too. Same thing with body&appearance, but it's not related to this topic, so lol.

Quality and number of photos on each post is super important. Most of visitors only look through your pictures and then read some parts of the text. Therefore, you have to work on your photographing skills more or improve them in general. Believe me, if you have no clue about all cameras and photos stuff, don't be scared to give it a go! I used to be freaking pointless at "blog photos". Now I think, I'm slightly normal. Practise, practise and more practise.

Started from the bottom, now we are here

So first of all, do you need to buy the priciest camera equipment? My answer is no. Especially on early stage when it's hard to exactly say if you'll be blogging for a long time or enjoy it in general. Well, if there are superfluous money in your pocket, okay then. However in my opinion that doesn't matter as much as lighting and background. Please, avoid messy background and poor lighting. It's quite ridiculous to see such pictures on the blog.

Think about basic composition before taking photos. Add some bits and bobs to make everything a lot nicer. But don't irritate the main item or items at the same time.

For me is easier and more convinient to edit online. My favourite websites for it are and Another point is that be careful not to over edit. Too much contrast, sharpen and brightness is not a great thing! In this case, photo would appear slightly fake.

Also if you are using Bloglovin' for the blog(what you definitely should do!), choose the best photo for the very first one. That plays a massive role for people to click and read your blog post!

That is it for today! I will talk to you in two days x
Have a fun weekend :)

P.S Blogging tips written above are based on my own experience. I am not expert. As many people as many opinions, so feel free to correct me or add some more advices in the comments.

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5 коментарі

  1. A few nice tips here for beginner bloggers which I am sure they'll find helpful.
    I really like the very last picture in this post btw for some bizarre reason!


    1. Haha thanks x I'm quite proud of that photo tbh :D

  2. Love your photo timeline! Getting the lighting right is definitely crucial.
    xx Izzy |

    1. Thank you, Izzy! I always struggle to catch that perfect light. Sometimes it's super hard!

  3. I think blog photos are what draw people in, i find myself going towards blogs with photos that look amazing. I have noticed a big difference in my photos lately, like you said its practice x
    Emma | Emmys Blog