How to Plump Lips

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Today I thought I'll share with you five easy steps how to make your lips look a bit bigger without any surgery. Hope you enjoy it!

Brushing with toothbrush
When you're brushing your teeth, you can also go with the toothbrush onto the lips. It will stimulate blood sirculation, so your lips are going to plump up. Also that is a great way to remove any chapped skin!
I do it every morning and surely can see the big difference.

The lips exfoliation
Again, blood sirculation will be more stimulated under the influence of exfoliator. The best of it are lip scrubs which you can do by yourself or purchase.
I use Lush Bubblegum lip scrub (full review here). It is such an amazing product! The main reason I bought is the dry skin on my lips and it helps me coping with this problem so well, but also makes lips visibly fuller.

Over lining or highlighting the cupid's bow
Must be careful and attentive here! Don't turn yourself into a clown, less is more, remember that! Here is a link to the video(step-by-step tutorial) which I found useful to learn how to normally overdraw lips with lip pencil.
The highlight is a game of shadows and light that if you use correctly will become your massive trick!

Peppermint Oil
Use this oil regularly and it will plump your lips too! Here is a great article on this topic. Can't say any information on peppermint oil as I haven't used it yet, but there lots of great reviews!

Using darker lipsticks shades
Last but definitely not least and the easiest too. You know these your lip colour but better shades? Go for it! They are most of the times few tones darker than lips and in general because of darker lipsticks lips appear visibly fuller. Or actually I would recommend using lip pencils/liners instead of lipsticks!

Hope you have a fun Sunday! I'll be back with new blog post on Tuesday :)

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