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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hi there! As I had written before in Six Months of Blogging, I'll try to make few "Blogging Tips" kind of blog posts and here is very first of them. Let me know what you think about it!

Have just entered blogosphere? Say hello to your new besties: to-do lists and notebooks. Believe me, your life from now won't be organized without them. It's going to be stress and mess. Who loves that? No one!

You can choose to create blog on Blogger or Wordpress or on both and then figure out which you prefer. After that think about basic design. As with blush, less is more. Make it please visitist eyes. Always make sure blog posts are visible and easy to read. Pop of different colours doesn't work, to be honest.
One more thing, but maybe that's only my preference, publish in medium or big size shrift. Readers won't take loupe, they simply will hit close-the-window button.

These are seven steps every blogger, especially beginner has to remember:
  1. Come up with a schedule
  2. Plan posts for the full month or half of it
  3. Make list-to-do every day. Yes, every day.
  4. Whenever you feel inspired grab your laptop/pen/pencil/phone/tablet and start writing
  5. Good lighting? Take photos!
  6. Don't forget about social medias because they are very helpful in increasing your blog
  7. And the most important - have fun

Blog in advance. That's what will actually save your life. Don't, like, don't ever forget about it! Personally for me this is, again, less stress and mess. You probably will think I'm crazy, but I've planned/partly written this ... in January.

Don't get mad when you see other bloggers reaching big amount of followers in shorter time than you do. Remember, everyone has own way to success.

Is posting every day good idea? In my opinion, no. First of all, usually those posts are quite boring and uninteresting or, as I like to say, made with one eye closed. Will you get more views? Maybe, "Should I update my blog every other/two-three days with good content which will interest people more?" question is more correct. See, that is not only about periodicity. Quality plays the biggest role. Obviously, you can't post on the 1st of January and then at the end of the month - don't disappear! However, I agree with my friend who says: "Some Bloggers or YouTubers can post few times a month, not lead active social-media life and be awesome and interesting at the same time". Use your personality! For example, yes, makeup reviews are great, but I want to know about you, your thoughts on particular topics and etc. I think, you have already noticed, people look up for reviews at "info-bloggers" and forget about them afterwards. Don't believe me? Look at your own Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' following pages. Who are those people? I'm more than sure most of them write mixed content and you get to know them a little bit with every Tweet or photo. Our brain simply work like that. We remember those who talk and share information on different topics. So if you blog about beauty, don't forget about other things too.

Here is a short schedule example: (it is not my plan or any other blogger, just a random from my head)

Montly Favourites
Review on smt
Outfit or Face of the day
Skincare routine

That's important to take a break if you feel like you need one. Life is full of various situations when blog won't be main priority. Also sometimes inspiration is easier to find during "blogging holidays" and with clear mind you are ready to blog again. I used to be scared to skip my uploading days. Don't worry about it! Promise, everything will be alright.

Don't stress to much about your blogging stats. If you check out them every single minute, you won't see them raising. Simple as that :)

Basically, create a blog that you personally would enjoy reading and following. Don't try to copy/please someone!

Hope my advices helped some of you even a bit x
Talk to you later, Yana.

P.S Blogging tips written above are based on my own experience. I am not expert. As many people as many opinions, so feel free to correct me or add some more advices in the comments.

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  1. I'm still relatively new to blogging, so these tips are fantastic! Wonderful post :) x