Preparing For Spring

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Spring is officially here!
How exciting is that? New season, new memories, new friends, summer is right on the corner, holidays... Yep, this list makes us extremely happy, but is our body that joyful too? Actually no.

Usually most of colds and viruses atack our organism in early spring, when it is exhausted after winter, so is being an easy target. Managed to go all winter without a cold and feel like you're getting one? That's what I'm talking about!

The best we can do is care more about ourselves and our health. I decided to make list of points that will be helpful in preparing for spring or even boost your immunity.
Just general reminder of things we forget to do.

#1 Stay warm. Sounds super easy, however do you remember those times you left beanie or hat at home because it didn't match the whole outfit? Or that time you wore textile shoes on the rainy day?

#2 Eat more green vegetables as those contain important for the immunity vitamins. Also you can add onion or garlic to your salad. They are great in fighting with different viruses.

#3 Don't use computer or mobile phone right before going to bed. Leave your phone on side table and turn off your laptop/computer and spend one hour for yourself. Take shower, put face mask, do your nails, clean makeup brushes. Simply anything that doesn't involve technology and screens.

#4 Ventilate bedroom before sleeping. It's necessary to let in some fresh air, especially at night.

#5 Drink more water and tea. Well, that's obvious.

#6 Be active. I'm not saying do excersice or workout. There are lots of similar activites you can do. Go for a walk with friends, wonder around the city, ... Leave your house and have fun!

#7 Positivity is always a great helper in any situation.

That's it for today. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Talk to you later, Yana x

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